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Pilton Community Health Project’s base is at the heart of the North Edinburgh community. Our Living on Harmony Project offers…..


Living in Harmony is a project working towards a more inclusive, safe, and vibrant North Edinburgh that is welcoming to individuals no matter where they come from.

There is an anti-racist action research group who meet and plan activities and research to understand and reduce barriers to services for Black, Asian and minority ethnic residents.

There is also the Chat Café which is a safe space for women from all cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds to meet and share culture, relax, learn English informally, and get to know the area and what’s going on. There is also scope for signposting and supporting individuals to access local services where language or other cultural barriers are present to ensure there is equal access to essential services in the area.

If you are new to the area and want to learn more or are passionate about anti-racism and breaking down barriers to participation for minority ethnic communities get in touch!


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  • Address:
  • 73 Boswall Parkway
  • Edinburgh
  • EH5 2PW
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