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Pilton youth & children project

Pilton Youth & Children Project

Pilton Youth and Children’s Project (PYCP) is based in Pilton in the North West locality of Edinburgh. Pilton is an area of multiple deprivation where many children, young people and their families face inequalities in areas such as income, health and education.


We currently work with over 450 different children and young people, offering them opportunities for new experiences and support to any difficulties so that they can have the best chance of a successful future.  We strive to include all young people in our services, by consulting on activities, responding to individual needs and challenging discrimination.


We offer 5 different but interconnecting service areas, for ages 5 to 18. Children and young people can access a range of activities to best suit their needs; whether they would benefit socially from taking part in a friendship group or need support to find employment after leaving school.


This is all with our key aims in mind of enabling each young person to overcome inequality, have a positive role in society and realise their potential.


The Greenhouse

33 West Pilton Brae



Opening Hours

Monday 09:30-19:00

Tuesday 09:30-21:00

Wednesday 09:30-21:00

Thursday 09:30-22:00

Friday 10:00-21:00


Tel: 0131 332 9815